Barnet’s Streams – Deep Clean

From Matt Gunyon:

Good afternoon all,

Barnet Council plans some targeted deep clean days along stretches of the Dollis Brook, the Silk Stream and down to the Welsh Harp. We will have teams working Friday-Monday from the afternoon in to the early evening.

If you would like to coordinate any volunteer sessions or resources for when the teams will be in the area please do let us know.

Kind regards or @matgunyon

Brook Farm OS4-Jun
Whetstone Strays7-Jun
Laurel Way OS11-Jun
Riverside Walk7-Jun
Oakdene Park12-Jun
Windsor OS14-Jun
Brookside Walk12 & 13 June
Brent Park12 & 13 June
Lyndhurst Park19 & 20 June
The Meads19 & 20 June
Watling Park19 & 20 June
Silkstream Park (section north of Silkstream Road)19 & 20 June
Silkstream Park26 & 27 June
Montrose PF26 & 27 June
Rushgrove Park26 & 27 June
A5-Cool Oak Lane2-5 July
West Hendon PF Border2-5 July
Woods around Cool Oak Lane Allotment2-5 July
Cool Oak Lane Boundaries2-5 July
Eastern Marsh2-5 July
Woodfield Park Area2-5 July

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