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Message from the Mamos to the younger brothers and sisters

October 21, 2019


From Kanuteti, a Sacred Site


Dear Little Brothers and Sisters:

Blessings from the Heart of the World, The Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia. We the Mamos, the priests and spiritual leaders of the Arhuaco people, one of the four indigenous groups that take care of this part of the world, salute you from this majestic golden pyramid together with the vibrational energy of Unconditional Love.

The Arhuaco people along with our other three original group sisters, the Wiwa, Kankuamo, and Kogi live and take care of the heart of the world as we call this monumental coastal mountain that stands majestically on the shore of the Caribbean Sea.

We are the guardians of Mother Earth, and of the hundreds of species of animals and plants and of the human beings that live on it. This is what we have practiced since time immemorial through the connection with the Divine Source guided by the Spiritual Fathers and Mothers. It is through this connection that we Mamos are able to interpret the messages of the universe, the stars, Mother Earth and nature.

One of these messages announces a crucial change in the destiny of humanity. In this change we are all participants, these are changes that include absolutely every human being begotten, to be begotten, already transmuted or present among us. It is a change that includes nine generations including the last in the form of an embryo.

We the Mamos understand that the Universe is aligned and that it is this alignment that maintains the perfect balance of everything that exists in it. Without exception, Mother Earth, together with the moon and the sun are part of this alignment and this balance. Mother Earth is likewise aligned with the Great Central Sun from which come subtle frequencies of change that are affecting what you call the genetic code. For us, that genetic code is the “bonuriwa“, the invisible origin of the manifested. The changes in this “bonuriwa” also affects plants and animals. These new changes bring a glorious future for humanity.

We have come to this conclusion through the connection we have with Mother Earth day by day and therefore with the cosmos. Thus, we can perceive the suffering inside and outside the planet, in the moon, the stars, the sun or in any part of the universe. We know how to travel through the dimensions and bring the energies that cause imbalance, disharmony or suffering to their original place of existence and that is how we bring balance to that alignment. When we achieve that balance, we are complying with the most sacred law for the Sierra Nevada and for the Heart of the World and from there for the entire universe. We Mamos call it The Law of Origin, that refers to harmony with the Divine Source, with the cosmos and with our inner self.

As Mamos and as Arhuaco people we proclaim the gratitude that is so strongly connected with that Law of Origin. Gratitude to animals, plants, water, mountain, breeze, people and life itself.

In this sense, the Mamos demonstrate that gratitude with offerings that we call pagamentos (payments) and that serve to return the elementals of nature and Mother Earth for all that we receive from them. We pay for the sun, for the water, for life, for the challenges, for the teachings, for the children, for the rain, for our people and for the younger brothers and sisters.

We raise that gratitude to the Creator, and we give it to him at the point of connection where Perfect Love is present. It is at that point where the Law of Perfection dwells, and where it is impossible to do divination, because what manifests there does not require any explanation since everything is explicitly manifested in its maximum exquisiteness and totality. There live the laws of creation and existence that explain to us why we have reached this state of evolution in which we find ourselves as humanity and as a species. At that point of perfection is perfect harmony and we take it as the point of reference to balance the world.

We Mamos do not judge, because everything in the universe is purity and innocence. In the insignificant and tiny things we can see the great and the impossible. Also, in a small puddle of water we see the ocean, in a tree we perceive the forest and in a cloud we see the firmament and the sidereal space.

Little brothers, you also know about this when you talk about the subatomic configuration mirroring the configuration of the solar system. Therefore, we are all learning to discover and live this connection consciously or unconsciously. No human being at this moment in the history of our humanity can be outside of this reality. That is the knowledge and the understanding of the Mamo. The Mamos know that the human being reflects the Sierra. The Sierra reflects the planet and this in turn reflects the cosmos. Thus healing the individual we heal the planet and healing the planet we heal the cosmos.

That is why the Mamos want to invite you to search with us and to find us at the point of Perfect Love. From there, we will visualize together the future we want for humanity and for Mother Earth. Let’s focus on the small, the insignificant, the negative to balance, to reach the positive, the most sacred, even the Chundwas as we call the snowy peaks where the Mamos live in spirit, the Masters of Light and wisdom. Everything is connected, we are a hologram.

Let us work on ourselves, from our spiritual offices, the sacred sites where we find the alignment with the divine and with the totality. That Totality is the universal matrix that unites us as an umbilical cord with the divine source. We live in a Matrix of connection.

We have accepted the invitation of the organizers of London College to participate in the FDS conference (Flourishing Diversity Series), and a delegation of our people will be in London to co-create together and thank the universe for all that we receive. Blessings and Reverent Peace.

The Mamos of The Arhuaco Resguardo.

14 de Julio 2019,