Why Extinction Rebellion?

What’s gone wrong and who’s to blame? Shops boarded up, food banks, gangs and drugs, prices rising, wages static – if you can get a job! And don’t get ill or old. The multi-nationals are out-of-control and so’s the climate. Where to start? Only by joining together. Food, health, housing, education – Extinction Rebellion is working on new approaches. The answers are there and working together locally, nationally, globally is the only way. Who’s to trust: not politics or politicians, not bankers nor profiteers. We begin with ourselves – what we know and feel and need. We know we’re angry and sometimes desperate. That when we think of our children and their lives we sometimes feel despair. We need help, we need each other and then we need to rebuild. We know more than those who govern us. As we step back we become more aware of how everything is connected and of each other and we grow in power. More than ever, we are one world and need to care for one another and for all life – even for the bees. Join Extinction Rebellion and help us to help each other.

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