Letter to my MP on the NHS Bill

Dear Mike,


What do we, the public, really want and need as far as healthcare is concerned?


Doctors who are able to treat their patients within financial constraints to the utmost of their professional ability.


Will this be helped if the doctors, to be managed in large consortia with differing standards throughout the country, are theoretically ‘in charge of commissioning’ but actually having to choose whether to become wealthy owners of services or remain as the practioners they trained to be?


Dr Lawrence Buckman’s letter http://bit.ly/A2QqmN makes very clear the concerns of the GPs themselves. This letter deserves very careful analysis and reading. If you do so, you will find, I am sure, that the concerns he raises are not ‘political’ but flow from an understanding of the Bill, as it stands.


The revelations in  the Daily Telegraph  that Andrew Lansley’s office has been supported by private health care providers http://bit.ly/zKSxx2 are also deeply damaging.


This wholesale, top-down reorganisation of the NHS –  precisely what we were promised by Mr Lansley before the election he would not do – is not wanted by the public and will lead to inequalities of service, cause huge expense and lead to vast profits being made by private companies.


I do hope you and your colleagues are talking seriously about these issues as well as whether it will be more damaging to the Government and the Conservative Party to go forward or to recognise that the present Bill is ill-formed and withdraw it.


Please do use your strengths to get this Bill halted.




Jeffrey Newman




One Response to “Letter to my MP on the NHS Bill”

  1. Jeffrey Newman (@JeffreyNewman) Says:

    Mike Freer MP replied: Without reform the NHS will collapse. Not surprisingly, I do not agree with your analysis.

    Do let Mike know your thoughts on twitter @mikefreerMP

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