Social Dreaming?

David Holt was a Jungian analyst wo was convinced that we need to share our dreams and so allow the darker and richer aspects of ourselves to balance the apparently rational world in which we live if we are to have any hope of dealing with the enormous challenges that face us.

He courageously published a book Eventful Responsability of over 700 of his own dreams in order to make a start on a project that he believed was essential.He was, incidentally, the first analyst since Freud and Jung to allow any of his dreams to be revealed (and I’m not sure about Freud!)

We hope shortly to publish this on-line and are presently preparing an introduction. One thought is that before the main body of the text we could have these words of his:

” For thirty years I have been listening to, reading, talking about, other peoples’ dreams. But there is also much that is like my own dreaming. Dreams may be personal, but dreaming is an activity we have in common. In sharing that activity with hundreds, even thousands of others I have come to feel a sense of urgency. There is something going on in our dreaming that is urgent. It invites research.”

                                            ~ * ~ * ~

” Dreams are boring, and they reveal too much. Both are true. They are indeed boring, and they do indeed reveal too much. But I believe that it is just this combination which we need if we are to address one of the urgent challenges to our imagination today: how to relate new understandings of our evolutionary inheritance with the eventfulness of everyday.”

                                           ~ * ~ * ~

” I use the spelling ‘responsability’ to keep those two different meanings in play: responsibility as a past burden to be carried, responsibility as a future opportunity, an ability to be exercised as well as an obligation to be met.”

                                             ~ * ~ * ~

” What I am publishing is as close to raw material as I can get. I have been urged to arrange dreams under themes. But I believe it is the raw material of our dreaming we need to share.”

                                            ~ * ~ * ~

“Dreaming or waking, time is given into our keeping. We are responsible to, and for, a beat. In being selective, memory helps compose that beat. ”

                                           ~ * ~ * ~

It is with all this in mind that I am exploring the possibility of a ‘social dreaming’ project via twitter. I have no idea yet how this could be achieved. Google provides an introduction to the concept.


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